Gold Bridge Membership

The most exclusive VIP community in DeFi is


Membership to this exclusive opportunity is limited to 500 spots in 2022! Another 500 spots will be available in Jan 2023.

What Do I Get With Membership?


  • Each membership gives you the ability to sacrifice new capital at the end of each cycle (minimum 1,000 - 5,000 USDT). Members can make their sacrifice at goldbridge.app.

  • Access to the Prize Pool Lottery on months that Gold Bridge hits targeted goals (gift cards, TV’s, cash bonuses).

  • Access to our Private SACRIFICERS ONLY Discord

  • Access to “Scalpers Anonymous” live streams with Crypto Mike walking us through his trading strategies mirroring the results as seen in Gold Bridge
  • Access to “Scaling to your first 10K Subs on YouTube” course with Jonathan Seller

  • Access to “How I make 1-3% each day” course with Crypto Mike

  • Access to Jonathan’s plug for every channel, movie, pay per view, and shows for $50 per month

  • Access to the GoldBridge Vault for “multi-members” only (read more below)

  • Access to future whitelist opportunities

What is the Gold Bridge Vault?


As an added perk, anyone who purchases 2 or more membership spots will get access to the Gold Bridge Vault.

What is the Gold Bridge Vault?

The vault will start with 100K seed capital from the lead team. Our “multi-members” (members who hold 2 or more memberships) will receive 100% of the profits of the Vault. The more membership spots you own, the higher the percentage of Vault profits you get. The seed capital will be vested in an anonymous project only to be disclosed to the multi-members. 100% of the accumulated profits will be distributed in December.

Obviously not all 500 members will become multi-members. The fewer multi-members there are, the more profits you’ll be rewarded from the Vault. We anticipate over 50K will be rewarded out to our multi-members in December, however no profit should be expected and none is guaranteed.

Activation of the Vault

The Vault benefit only applies if, and only if, all 500 memberships sell out. Once 500 membership spots are sold, this will activate the Vault. If 500 spots are not sold out before December 1st, the multi-member Vault perk will not activate.

Membership Details


Pricing begins at $95/month per membership. To simplify administration, we are requiring members to pay their monthly fees for the remainder of the year in a single, one-time payment. Each membership spot can be obtained for a one-time payment of $475 which covers Aug-Dec 2022.

Prices for membership will increase. They will never be this inexpensive again. We desire to keep costs low, but at the same time, recognize the value of membership far exceeds the $95/month fee. As Gold Bridge continues its win streak, the membership price will also increase. There are no refunds on membership fees, and all members agree to keep all information, alpha, and exclusive content confidential.

Once spots sell out, we will announce the close of membership on Telegram, and no new members will be permitted to join. Each member will be given access to our private Discord. Telegram will remain for those who are in Gold Bridge but aren’t members. Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be re-sold.

Statement of Risk

No guarantees are being made and there should be no expectation of profit. Each member should realize crypto and trading are high risk, and any member can lose all that they have sacrificed. There are no refunds on membership fees.

Gold Bridge Risk Disclosure Agreement (PDF)

Membership Steps

Send your 2022 membership fee in 475 BUSD (BEP-20) or 475 USDT (ERC-20) to:


Read the Gold Bridge Risk Disclosure Agreement and use the following form to enroll:

Join our Telegram group for information about when our private Discord group will go live.

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